Soul App in BEYOND Expo Presents A ‘Soul’cial Playground for Generation Z

Focusing on technology innovation and its impact on various industries across society, the first BEYOND International Technology Innovation Expo (“BEYOND Expo”) 2021 was officially launched in Macau. Soul App, which aims to build a “Soul”cial Metaverse for Young Generations, was invited and presented a social playground for Generation Z at the Metaverse sub-forum. 

At the event, Rita Yu, Head of Global Products, introduced Soul App’s applications as a frontier technology. She also shared some insights and observations from Soul App, and explained Generation Z’s social behavior and how Soul App is uniquely positioned to meet Gen Z’s social needs. In order to solve the social anxiety of Generation Z worldwide, SOUL, which is currently available in 20+ countries/regions and in 10 languages, will be launched in more regions in the future. Last but not least, Rita said SOUL will stick to its original dream and provide high-quality connections for users across a variety of social scenarios.

In an interview with CGTN (China Global Television Network, click link to view full interview), when asked about Gen Z’s behavioral patterns and its influence on building Metaverse, Rita said: “Instead of Soul creating a Metaverse, it’s actually the user need that helps SOUL build a Metaverse.”

Since its launch, SOUL has remained true to its ideal of encouraging young people to speak their minds freely and share who they truly are. For that to happen, it has reimagined the way people connect and created a distinct design. Doing so has allowed the app to resonate with young users, as evidenced by its impressive penetration rate among the Gen-Z cohort. Out of about 34 million monthly active users, more than 70% are Gen Zers. Guided by its vision of “building a social metaverse for young generations”, SOUL has also introduced new social scenarios to improve its user experience and is looking forward to welcoming more partners to explore technological innovation and possibilities.

About Soul App

Soul is a leading algorithm-driven virtual social playground where people can create, share, explore and connect. Through Soul’s gamified features, ‘soulers’ are able to form, cultivate and maintain authentic connections with one another.

Soul’s mission is to build a ‘soul’cial metaverse for young generations. With its immersive, appearance-agnostic and interest-driven design, Soul provides an innovative solution that enables users to express their authentic personality and draw inspiration from one another’s creativity. It boasts a tight-knit community with high engagement, strong commercial value, and a proprietary algorithm that fuels Soul’s strong user growth