Forging Friendships that Matter over the Virtual “SOUL”cial Platform

With the advent of prevalent online social platforms, we have made every encounter a lot easier – by a click or swipe under our fingertips. Indeed, technology has gone extra miles to bring people closer. As global connectivity is on the rise, having hundreds of followers or receiving 10,000 views on video streaming platforms comes as no surprise to any one of us in this digital era. Undoubtedly, in this intensely connected world where individuals get their own ways to socialise, the traditional definition of “friends” has been twisted, or more precisely, expanded.

Friendship Reshaped in the Eyes of Gen Z

Ubiquitous digital experiences across all the fields give rise to Generation Z – the most Internet-dependent generation of all. Born between 1995 and 2010, Gen Z have been exposed to the digital world since their childhood, making them excel in utilising all kinds of online tools to cover daily needs – schoolwork, shopping and even meeting old and new companions. With an estimated 3 billion people all over the world, Gen Z play an important part in fostering the social norms of building relationships digitally.

The high level of mobilised technology actually forges this highly inclusive generation. According to a study recently conducted by McKinsey, a management consulting firm with a profound history, friends from the online and offline world are no different to Gen Z. The identity of this generation is intricately linked with the digital world, leading to a great paradigm shift in making friends these days.

Other than considering one’s economic background and educational level, the Gen Z teens tend to see communities as a group of people getting together based on causes and interests. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you are not a highly achieved person. As long as you share common languages with Gen Z, you definitely have secured a spot in their friend lists. In this connection, Soul App shares a similar philosophy with Gen Zers.

Soul App – The Authentic Metaverse where Gen Zers Connect

Taking into account the tech-savviness and characteristics of Gen Z, the world is facing a rapid shift in establishing and maintaining friendship. Soul App, in this era of technology, is gaining ground in the mainstream social network landscape. Based on the personalities, lifestyles and interests of each user, Soul App curates a bespoke content wall to bring people with similar values together. The design encourages in-depth interaction, which is an essential in genuine and long-lasting friendship. In this regard, Gen Z teens can engage with new faces with similar interests and aligned passions in the virtual social playground created by Soul App.

One thing for certain, Gen Zers are not just satisfied with merely meeting new people online. Exposed to the excitement brought by virtual entertainment from time to time, Gen Z are looking for a more diversified and inclusive environment for their social lives. Soul App isequipped with creative designs that keep Gen Z teens indulged – desired content with trending topics, Memojis, and Soul Cam etc.

Virtual social apps, like Soul App, can be of great help to Gen Z in this digital era – not only for socialising, but also for enriching your soul.