It’s all about Depth but not Distance in Social Relationships

Ever worried about the fact that the distance may have jeopardised the relationships between you and your friends? In one of the most elaborated studies that had been carried out for more than 7 decades, Harvard University researchers had drawn a conclusion that good relationships weighed more than any other factors when it came to how happy and healthy we lived our lives. As quoted from the director of the research, “good relationships keep us happier and healthier.”

The meaning of good relationships probably differs according to various people. Generally speaking, good relationships refer to the linkages where we find intimacy and support. In other words, they are the fundamentals that lead us to love and joy of life, no matter where we are.

Depth over Distance

Rather than focusing on distance issues, the quality of close relationships is what matters to us. Long-distance pals are quite blessed these days as they are all exposed to a range of digitised tools to help close the geographical gap between them. As opposed to our prejudices, the screen of a mobile device cannot deter us from opening up or building intimacy, but serve as a great medium for us to keep tabs on our beloved ones. “The screen ceased to be a barrier to intimacy,” according to Psychology Today, the process of obtaining intimacy and depth between pals is still achievable via meaningful chats online. If that’s the case, perhaps it’s time for a breakthrough in your social life as the traditional way of meeting friends crumbles in this digital world. Maybe an online social playground that enables us to meet and greet someone special, or even sustain our relationships?

A Brand New Outlook for Future Friendships

Seize the golden opportunity to rebuild relationships in spite of distance – Soul App, a metaverse where young generations get together, helps you figure out if you’re comfortable with this new way of making friends. Who knows? Chances are you may encounter someone that you usually cannot meet within your existing social circle and expand it! With the algorithm-driven feature of Soul App, you are bound to forge a meaningful and strong bonding with people you can genuinely connect with – even if they’re a million miles away from you.

Some people may get nervous or even suffer social anxiety disorder when making new friends in person. The stares and cues in real life could make it hard for them. Soul App provides them with a safe and relaxing place to express themselves freely, without feeling the pressure of face-to-face communications with strangers. If you are one of them, try to engage with new friends by joining your favourable interest clubs or groups in Soul App, so that you may find it easier to start a conversation.

When the walls fall in future, we can in return enjoy the foundation of relationships we built on virtual social platforms yesterday and harvest the marvellous fruits that come with close, deep and real relationships.

Embrace the New Form

As the traditional way of making friends and maintaining relationships crumbles, it’s time for us to adopt the novel friend-making approach! Trying out a new way can be no easier than using Soul App, a social app where young generations grow and thrive with their significant ones. If you’re looking for quality relationships, simply create an adorable virtual identity and start chatting!