Post-pandemic ‘Friendscape’: Rediscovering Intimacy in Soul App

Forging in-depth relationships online might still seem far-reaching to many folks – despite the fact that making net friends is not novel anymore. The familiar manifesto of “let the virtual stay virtual” somehow refrains people from getting their masks off from online pals. However, the pandemic has given rise to a tool that changed our conventional “friendscape” – the social app.

Indeed, social apps become the new exit for people who look for new encounters and connections over distances. Regardless if you’re an introvert or not, social apps are an effective way of nurturing old and new relationships under your fingertips. Even when you are million miles away from your beloved friends or newly met acquaintances during the pandemic, you can still connect with them in many ways, such as video chats, text messages and instant social feeds – and Soul App can do all that. With Soul App, all new forms of communications are made possible in one place, ranging from audio chats, gameplays to study groups. In this way, all your loneliness and insecurity incurred during the pandemic could be offset to a large extent.

Where have our hours gone? With who?

We have limited time but unlimited wants for everything. We all want to maintain good terms with every single friend, especially during the lonesome times of the pandemic, as we could notice that many social apps had seen a surge in user activity. For instance, research revealed that the annual growth in the total number of social media last year had recorded a rise of 376 million globally. Driven by the feelings of isolation, we couldn’t help but started to turn to online communication tools for making and meeting friends. Social distancing measures had indeed re-oriented the social norms of society, evoking many record-breaking increases in the usage of social apps. However, the time we spend on social apps does not necessarily indicate that we are nurturing good relationships, as spending too much time with folks struggling with negativity could also drag you down.

Entering into the post-pandemic relationships, various social apps, like Soul App, strives to help to draw a fine line between friendships to endure and those that will crumple. In the relaxing, safe and algorithm-driven environment of Soul App, users are able to match with people in line with their communication styles, interests and outlook of life. Whenever you crave companionship, Soul App is always here for you to explore its gamified features with like-minded fellows.

What Stays Unwavering: Good Conversations Last The more deeply you talk to someone, the more you bond. That’s true, good conversations are the lifeblood of relationships – connections die down when calls and messages become chores. That’s why Soul App is dedicated to offering a diverse opinion exchange platform for different topics so as to ensure quality conversations among users.

In this social metaverse where you can virtually engage with like-minded people, you’re not just meeting new faces – you’re in the course of exploring yourselves and building meaningful connections with someone who shares similar goals and purposes.

Proactive Interactions Among All Souls

Having a hard time sustaining quality conversations? Soul App is equipped with a wide array of gamified features across many scenarios and media formats, such as extensive lens filter library, Soul Pets and Animated Party Rooms that spice up your interactions with friends. With Soul App, you will never run out of topics as you can always find inspirations from the “Discovery” page, which share content that is tailored to your interests, personalities and lifestyles by our AI!