Who Knows Generation Z Best? Soul App Gives the Answer as A New Social Playground for A Hundred Million Gen Z

SHANGHAI, Jan. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Social networking has not been a “blue ocean”, but a rising star is indeed leading the market. Soul App – Chinese version, a representative of new social connections, has recently reached over 100 million registered users and over 30 million monthly active users (MAU) around the world. Topping the Social category list of the App Store in mainland China, SOUL has been a key player in this industry. With their aggressive market entry plans into oversea markets, Soul App has already launched in North America, Japan, and South Korea.

Soul App

Generation Z, or Gen Z, is the true digital natives. Being exposed to the Internet and social networks from young ages, Gen Z presents a distinctively different online habits and social concepts, giving rise to a series of new products and services known as “the Gen Z Business”.

The established social networking Apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp either help users replicate their offline relationships online or start with strangers social networking, providing users with new options to establish new relationships online and then transfer them offline. Either way, these established social networking App have a strong interest in offline connections, because they follow the social habits of the previous generations whose main demand for social networking products is to meet the needs of real life.

Gen Z, on the other hand, does not view the Internet as a supplementary part of their real life, but an indispensable lifestyle and life scene. In contrast, they are no longer satisfied with replicating offline interpersonal relationships online, and have new requirements for online social networking that are separate from offline and free from the social pressure of real relationships. Generation Z demands a completely new and different ambiance in the virtual world where they can relieve the stress and revitalize.

Soul App saw this unique market opportunity and delivered in a different way. SOUL focuses on spiritual needs of users to help them relieve the real life social pressure. The app explores users’ inner characteristics, and identifies people with common interests and similar characteristics, offering them a platform to share common interest topics with each other. The matching mechanism is based on Soul’s innovative big data and AI technologies.

Soul’s decentralized distribution rules also place more emphasis on content quality than popularity, fairly recommending content posted by everyone so that every interesting one has a chance to be found. This design guides users to express themselves authentically, rather than consciously catering to traffic when expressing themselves, while creating a friendly social atmosphere.

In addition to one-on-one chats on topics of common interests, Soul App also helps young people extend their social circles and enjoy the sense of belonging within a like-minded community. Hashtags, posts, and group chats make it easier for souls with similarities to meet and connect.

People who feel depressed or eager to talk with someone appreciate quick responses. As Gen Z desires much more outside information and attention, they are also more willing to open up to others. It is also essential for them to release stress at work or from life. Soul App is focused on providing a solution to those needs, which have been neglected for long, and to improve the satisfaction and happiness brought by social networking.

Successful social mechanisms can help users get rid of the psychological constraints and encourage them to share their true selves. Soul App has been able to strategically capitalize on this trend by offering a platform, or a playground, for the coming Generation Z. SOUL not only strives to provide a kind and warm social networking platform for young people, but also builds a brand that represents the trend of youth and is recognized by young people.

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