A Quick Glimpse of Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and Social App Recommendation for HSP

Some people often find themselves struggling with intensified reactions towards st rong sensory inputs, overstretching empathy, and a tendency to drown in the sea of others’ emotions. If you feel no stranger to these daunting experiences, you are likely to be one of them – Highly Sensitive People (HSPs). While it could be chall enging for HSPs to meet new people, Soul App endeavours to construct an uninterru pted social metaverse for the young generation, including HSPs. With diverse conte nt created by users from all walks of life, HSPs could delve deeper into every new friend virtually without running into any unpleasant behaviour.

Don’t worry, HSP isn’t equivalent to incompetence or disorder, but simply an inc lination to think and feel more deeply to his/ her external surroundings and inter nal stimuli. All things considered, HSPs may possess natural unique needs in relat ionships that could have gotten in their way to connect with new people, such as t he persistent pursuit of solitude, longer decision-making time and sensitivity to loud noises.

Given their neurological differences to others, HSPs’ intense reactions towards s uch needs at times unintentionally make their friends feel like tiptoeing around t hem, giving rise to potential confusion, conflicts and even jeopardy to relationsh ips. Are HSPs doomed to fail in making and keeping friends then? How do they devel op positive relationships with less sensitive people? No matter if you are an HSP or a friend of his/ hers, read on to thrive in the friendships by maintaining well -facilitated communications by utilising Soul App – an application that encourages relationships built on genuine exchange of thoughts, enabling users to make new fr iends without going to parties or social gatherings with others.

As an HSP

Meet friends in a way you’re comfortable with. Being an HSP suggests that you ar e more prone to getting overwhelmed by the crowds, noises and emotions. Oftentime s, you long for some “me time” for a moment of silence, or an escape from any st imuli to manage yourselves and recharge your batteries. One thing is for certain, it is perfectly fine to look for a moment of solitude. This doesn’t mean that HSP s are insulated from making friends or fostering deep connections with others. Ins tead, your intuitive in-depth listening skills make you a new form of sexy! Withou t compromising on your alone time and pristine environment for fostering meaningfu l friendships, you can utilise Soul App. If you are fortunate enough, you may meet many like-minded friends on this social platform and it’s definitely worth a shot!

As a friend or family member of HSPs

Despite the somewhat negative perceptions towards HSPs from the crowd sometimes, m ost of the HSPs still manage to make great companionships (with you!). However, i t’s crucial for you to take note of the following tips to enhance your relationsh ip with HSPs.

Pause for processing. With a more vivid and prudent way of thinking and complex i nner world, HSPs usually take more time to ponder and explain the possible outcome s in the conversation. Showing your genuine interest in the discussion without int errupting would emphatically help establish a deeper bonding experience among each other. In Soul App, you can maintain your relationships with HSPs commenting on th eir feeds or conducting instant chats in a user-friendly design, enabling you to u nravel the inner world of HSPs in enriched experiences.

Ask questions to encourage a two-sided and equal way of interaction. When HSPs ar e done with talking, you may ask some follow-up questions regarding what they have said. This shows that you are attentive and engaged in the conversation, making yo ur friend value your relationship more positively. Meanwhile, you can also raise f urther questions to an HSP about what you’ve covered before so that you can ident ify whether he/ she understands your messages clearly. In this regard, you can mai ntain bi-directional and effective communications between you and HSPs. The succes sful social mechanism of Soul App fosters the true selves of users. With such a pr essure-free environment, you can feel free to ask any questions in the way you are comfortable with.

Avoid invalidating emotions of HSPs. It’s time to step into HSPs’ shoes – how w ould you feel if you were being mocked as a crybaby? HSPs are sometimes criticised for being oversensitive or too dramatic over a certain issue or stimulus, say the negative emotions of others beside them. People may associate “being sensitive” to inconvenience and weakness, which actually put their emotions in denial. Try to understand their pain and distress from their own perspectives. Soul App cares for the inner needs of everyone, be it HSPs or not. The design of this warm social pla tform shapes a friendly atmosphere to users, guiding them to express themselves wi th positivity.

Score with the sandwich approach. Everyone enjoys compliments, so do HSPs. As a r esult of deeper feelings about everything, the highly sensitive souls struggle to face negative words for fear that they have done something wrong. If you’re trying to offer suggestions to HSPs, it’s better if you could adopt the “sandwich app roach” via Soul App – with admiration as the top and bottom layers, and advice as the fillings. In the one-on-one setting of Soul App, start off with your sincere a ppreciation towards your friend, followed by your major subject at hand. At last, bring up some other encouragement, empowering him/ her to become a better self.

Loud music and crowded surroundings do not necessarily bring you excitement. In So ul App, you can indulge yourselves by exploring your very own style and interests without worrying about any potential stimuli that make you vulnerable to unpleasan t experiences. Customise your exclusive avatar to create your one-of-a-kind online identity, and engage in both group chats and one-to-one conversations! Whether you are an HSP or not, all souls are here to enjoy the same socialisation experience. Try it out today with the above tips to make friends without stress!