Trust Your Gut Amidst Uncertainties

Gone are the days when you could plan ahead for your summer trips, celebrating an extra holiday due to extreme bad weather, and when your sibling missing the Christmas family dinner is a big thing. This year, plans are ruined. Traditions are broken. Everything is left…uncertain.

So we’re here. Standing right where we’re at the crossroads.

It’s ok to not know what to do. 

If you ask around people, you’ll find how confused most people are in their crossways: What should I major in? Which internship should I take? Which career is right for me? Should I stay in this toxic relationship?

 You’re not sure about the decision. If you get it wrong, this will change your life forever. So you hesitate. You procrastinate over a decision you should’ve made some ago, and you still haven’t until today.

Yes, the decisions you make today, seemingly right or not, will 100% change your life. But life by nature is changing, evolving everything—when the little dots connect, when the small decisions we make add up, we are who we are now.

See every day as a new day.

 You see, tomorrow has never been predictable. Imagine tomorrow as if you’re starting off from day 1, as if old problems never exist, as if the pandemic is a completely new situation. Fresh eyes will always find something different.

What about the past? Should you let go as if they’ve never existed? Don’t worry. Things that happened, good or bad, will stay with us forever in different forms. A broken friendship will remind us to express appreciation to people we care about. A terrible argument will remain a lesson about there is never right or wrong but a difference in perspective. You sure have this experience—the seemingly long-forgotten past will show up and become the inspiring solution for your future challenges. Your brain is wired to work this way and get you out of trouble, so just chill.

Control what you can control. 

Stay calm when the world goes crazy. For sure you can’t guarantee what the job industry will look like next year, but you can control how much effort you put in job-hunting. You can’t control the amount of stress remote studying is crushing on you, but you can make use of your leisure time to destress—move, sleep and eat well. You don’t know when the border will be reopened, but nothing will stop you from reaching out to friends and relatives with today’s technologies. Take action, be the owner of the part of life you can have total control.

Enjoy the present as it is.

 This is the time when many goal-oriented people start to panic. They are used to planning ahead and keep on achieving. But now they are missing the progress. They are losing directions. They don’t know what they should do next.

Allow yourself to feel the fear and uncertainty. Try to accept what’s happening right now and be creative about how we can make this moment better than ever. Once you accept the existence of your emotions, they’ll eventually pass.

Try something new. 

Thinking in the positive light, this might be the rare time when you have the excuse to try and fail fast because of how they say “one never arranges enough to beat changes”, which works perfectly in these uncertain times.

Meeting people virtually while staying home, for example, can be a new experience. In the real world, finding the people that match your personality is totally by chance. But now there are AI-powered tools to speed up the matching process systematically based on interests and lifestyle preferences.

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Reaching out to the right people actually helps you come closer to your inner soul. Start the conversation to get inspired today.